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Too busy...don't call us, we'll call you

Posted by Right Choice Staff on

I recently attended a “networking” event in town and met someone whose business is connected to ours via Twitter. He has a very cool restaurant I have been going to for years with my family, and I developed a strong interest in establishing a business relationship. As the owner, he expressed some concerns, and eagerly suggested we may be able to help in a few ways, and recommended I get in touch with his partner. When I attempted to do so, I was informed by an employee that the partner (whom I have never met) was in a meeting and would be given the message that I called. I held out hope that we could set up a visit, but was surprised 10 minutes later when the employee called back and stated: “He’s not interested. He said he doesn’t need anything right now, but will let you know in the future if he does.” Not interested in what? Hmm. Is there communication at this place? I wonder.

Well, I am not one to hold grudges, and I will continue to eat there. In fact, I had that chance last night, so my son and I went and had the usual superb food. As we finished, I couldn’t help but snoop a little in order to critique the operation. Sure enough--there it was: An unlabeled bottle of “blue” liquid used to clean…something. Was it glass cleaner? Degreaser? Cyanide? No way to tell. What is known is that an unlabeled chemical in a restaurant is a strict no-no. What else is going on behind the scenes there? What is scarier is how much it might cost this establishment in fines and lost business if the health inspector showed up. A lot more than the 15 minutes it would cost to meet with us. We could help them in ways their current “contact” is failing to do.

The “I’m too busy to work on improving my enterprise” excuse is killing scores of businesses. Are you listening to what is happening around you? Are you working or merely laboring? Are you taking the time to investigate ways to increase investment and reduce wasteful expenditures? Moreover, what is so scary about a salesperson these days? If there is no solution offered, move on. But a small investment of time and a listening ear once in a while could yield huge dividends. Often it is time spent and not saved that makes the difference.