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Giving Season

Posted by Right Choice Staff on

It's that time again...the gift giving season. What a great time it is for all of us. We try to give unselfishly in an effort to let those close to us know how much we care. We try to do that for the customers we care about, too. What are the long-term effects of giving something away, for no remuneration whatsoever? We at Right Choice think it's an important consideration. It's not just good's good, period. We experienced an example of selfless giving just a few days ago. The phone rang, and on the other end was a man by the name of John. For a living, John drives for Personalized Coaches of Milwaukee--he is not a customer of ours. At Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, WI, he noticed what looked like a large piece of plastic or fiberglass. He got out of his vehicle, looked it over, and found a label that we stick on our machines. He called us, and brought it all the way over to our headquarters. We figure it belongs to one of our customers, and we are trying to locate its rightful owner. John did this simply to be thoughtful. He had no motive other than to help someone along their way. We were very impressed.

The piece is worth about $50 to the person who lost it. How easy it would have been for John to simply ignore it. "Tough luck", we so often declare at someone else's misfortune. It's really gratifying to know that there are people like John out there who go the extra mile and do the little things that bind us a little tighter as a community.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Right Choice.