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A Winning Culture Starts With A Winning Image

Posted by Right Choice Staff on

We recently started getting into social media a bit. As I was deciding upon an image to use as a header for our Twitter page, I was struggling to find one that would accurately communicate what our company stands for. We help people who clean and maintain facilities. What image could I have used? A sparkling bathroom? A glossy cafeteria floor? Nothing seemed right. Then I stumbled upon this photo of my son at a Wisconsin Badger football game:

Matt with RC TShirt FOR TWITTER

In it, he is wearing his Right Choice t-shirt. I really liked the image, but it didn't seem to have any correlation to our message whatsoever. But, me being me, I went with it. I thought that maybe it would be an graphic that would simply stand out, and nothing more. But as I attempted to conjure up slogan that would go with it, a phrase occurred to me: "A winning culture starts with a winning image."

It seems that too often in business we are so busy trying to create the big message, get the big account, or make the big sale, that we fail to look right under our feet. Do we discount the little things? Like, the promptly-returned email? The get-well card to a client? How about a heartfelt conveyance of appreciation to an employee? (Maybe we can eliminate the category of "thankless job"). The little things pile up surprisingly high. Closer to our industry, how about a really pristine lobby or reception area? If shoes make the man, doesn't it follow that an image of cleanliness bespeaks orderliness? We think so. Even the appearance of behind-the-scenes sections of your place make a difference. Who likes working in a dingy office?

So, in tandem with spending bazillions on that superior ad campaign or snappy sales force, it would seem like a good idea to invest a small sum on the little things, your image. It could really pay off in so many ways.