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The Closet As Metaphor

Posted by Right Choice on

Over the years, one’s closet has become a symbol of an area of life we would prefer to keep hidden. We are in the closet or out of the closet about something. We can be a closeted admirer of something currently out of vogue. We can be told to clean our own closets before passing judgement on another. The closet…the place where we hide what we don’t want others to see.

Of course, we at Right Choice are concerned about one closet in particular: your janitor’s closet. Why? Because it’s where we can help you turn a liability into an asset. A well-organized closet in your building, even if you have a service that cleans for you, can easily train your entire work team to not only be competent cleaners but also confidently passionate cleaners. A staff that knows how to clean properly will be more vigilant about continually maintaining the good work done by your contract cleaning company. Keeping the closet well-organized and fully stocked makes this very easy for them to do. Imagine a spill of coffee or cola…are you going to wait until Thursday when the crew comes in? Of course not. How about that deadline you and your team need to meet by 4pm…and you suddenly discover you are out of toilet paper? You probably don’t want to send a valued team member out for that at crunch time.

Time taken to look for stuff can be seriously wasted, especially when you are sure you have something…but don’t. A closet that’s a disorganized mess can also result in mislabeled bottles and subsequent use of wrong chemicals that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Even worse, Misuse of chemicals can cause personal injury or even death. The real problem is that there are too many who overlook this important aspect of your facility. “Cleaning stuff—who cares, right? That’s not a profit center for us.” Well, maybe more care than you realize. Think of it as a first-aid kit for your building. You need it, and it sure comes in handy in times of crisis.

Janitorial work is far from glamorous, and almost never seen as part of a success strategy for any enterprise. We think that’s a tragic oversight. A clean and orderly closet can be a symbol of organization, preparedness, and efficiency. Moreover, it means a healthy, attractive place where people like to work and visit…and do business.

That’s an image you definitely want OUT of the closet!

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